Submission Guidelines

Articles are welcomed. This is a moderated site. If you submit an article, it will not appear automatically. Not all submissions will be posted. Articles should be about New Vrindaban and its residents, past, present and future. Announcements of future events, accounts of current events or remembrances of past events are welcome. If you live in New Vrindaban, lived here in the past, or have visited, please share your experiences. Philosophy within the context of stories is encouraged but no essays please. Ideal length would be 600 words or less, with exceptions made for stories.

Remember, there is no good writing, only good rewriting. All talent levels are wanted, but no one draft wonders please. Light editing assistance is available if needed. We reserve the right to do light editing.

We acknowledge that the material energy operates everywhere, even in New Vrindaban, past and present, but this site is about the half full view of life. Keep it positive; glass half empty submissions may not be posted.

Comments about posts may be submitted at the posts themselves. Comments are also moderated.

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