Prabhupada’s Vision

Prabhupada Vision New Vrindaban

Prabhupada’s Vision for New Vrindaban: Founded in 1968, Srila Prabhupada boldly envisions New Vrindaban as a sacred village known worldwide for cow protection, simple living, holy pilgrimage, spiritual education, and, above all, loving Krishna.

Links to articles about Srila Prabhupada and his connections with New Vrindaban:

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2. Prabhupada’s First Visit to New Vrindaban – Spring 1969

3. Prabhupada’s Second Visit to New Vrindaban – Summer 1972

4. Prabhupada’s Third Visit to New Vrindaban – Summer 1974

5. Prabhupada’s Fourth Visit to New Vrindaban – Summer 1976

6. Prabhupada & Kaliya, ISKCON’s First Cow

7. A Facelift for Prabhupada’s Palace of Gold – May/June 2016 Issue BTG Magazine

8. Srila Prabhupada & His Palace

9. New Vrindaban’s 50th Anniversary – Jan/Feb 2018 BTG Magazine

10. Srila Prabhupada’s Four Visits to New Vrindaban

Compiled by Chaitanya Mangala dasa & members of the ISKCON New Vrindaban Communications Team.