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New Vrindaban Recipes: A Village Built on Oat Water and Rice

By: Madhava Smullen Over the years, New Vrindaban has been famous for a long list of mouthwatering prasadam dishes – Hladini’s cinnamon rolls; Radhanath Swami’s sandesh; Madri, Dharmakala and Kutila’s cheesecake; Dharmakala’s baked goods and milk sweets; Taru and Amburish’s sweet rice; Vani’s dokla and idli, and many more. But first, no story about New […]

New Vrindaban Photos From the 70s

See some old photos here including one of Taru in “the Pits”.

Kow Katha (by Taru)

(From Brijabasi Spirit (1976) Vol III #9) Sometimes the thought occurs that actually it is the cows who are protecting us instead of vice versa. From a material standpoint, I don’t think any of us would want to go through the trouble of rais­ing cows. It’s not a big money-mak­ing enterprise and it involves so […]

The Play’s the Thing

by mrupa “The thoughts of my pure devotees dwell in Me, their lives are surrendered to Me, and they derive great satisfaction and bliss enlightening one another and conversing about Me.” (Bg. 10-9) Following this central principle plays and dramatic arrangements have always been part of ISKCON’s arsenal in its ‘cultural revolution’ of Krsna consciousness. […]

It Is Very Surprizing March 17, 1968

If you take Srila Prabhupada’s naming of New Vrindaban as the official authorized start, then today is the 40th anniversary of NV. While the second page of the letter wherein SP named NV was missing from the archives, its existence was well known in NV. It has been cited in at least 3 Brijabasi Spirit […]

Brainwashing or Education? How Can We Determine the Truth?

From the March 1977 Issue of the Brijabasi Spirit by Taru dasa What’s brainwashing? How does it differ from ordinary educa­tion? It might be rather difficult to come up with a precise defini­tion since this word is thrown around with great abandon. General­ly it implies forcing a man to change his beliefs against his will […]


by Taru dasa, from the February 1978 Issue of the Brijabasi Spirit ISKCON’s champion milker, Sarasvati, came fresh for the fourth time in the beginning of January. Last lactation she established, at 116 pounds, the record for one day’s production for an ISKCON mother. This season she set out rapidly to demolish all her previous […]

Tribute for Taru

by Dulal Candra das (written for a memorial held by his family) audio is available at: Dear Friends, I say friends not because we have ever met, but because of the close friendship I had with your intimate relative and friend, a kind soul I knew as “Taru”: devotee, writer, public speaker, humorist, ascetic […]

Request For Copies of Taru’s Writings

by Madhava Gosh There has been a request to see more of Taru’s writings. He was the author of the Prasadam Addict series published in the 1970s in the original print version of the Brijabasi Spirit and recently republished here. The idea has occurred to me to collect all that he has written and make […]

Editorial Quandry

The following comment, was placed on the post titled Confessions of the Prasadam Addict: Section 6 (final) “His Divine Grace Srila Bhaktipada?!” (the comment questions the use of this name in the article) Thank you for pointing this out. These articles were written in the 1970s. That was his ISKCON approved name at the time. […]