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Excerpt from Sanat-kumara-samhita

New Vrindanized by Jaya Murari das In the Sanat-kumara-samhita, this beautiful prayer is given, which awards direct service to Radha and Krsna! Verse 1 O Radha-VrindabanChandra, please rescue me from the ocean of birth and death. Please save me from the problems born of home, family and friends. Please break to pieces the fears of […]

Four Poems

Four Poems by Arnold Smith Compassion Jaya Prabhupada Higher than the sun in sky Compassion rises ** Devotion Caitanya Prabhu Hear the divine devotee Chant Hare Krishna ** Love Jaya Hanuman Adores Sri Rama over all Rips chest asunder ** Salvation Bhaktivedanta Lord Krishna shines through your words Salvation for all

An Offering for Vyasa Puja

Composed by Sankirtan and Ruci O Prabhupada how can we properly glorify you When we can’t fully understand what you’ve given us Nor comprehend the sacrifice you’ve made for us Leaving your simple life at the Radha Damodhar Temple Where you served Rupa Goswami And prayed to him for his blessings And then crossed the […]

“In this world of anxiety and FEAR” by Shankararanya

In this world of anxiety and FEAR Where some kind of  misery is always so NEAR Where smiles and giggles are interspersed with TEAR Where sometimes the burden of uncertainty gets difficult to BEAR There is only one thing you can do right my DEAR Surrender to the Lord with all your GEAR To His […]

Poems for Advaita Acarya

O CHAMPION Writing Team: Visakha Turner(Leader) & Joshua Fintel O Champion of devotees, O Advaita You pleaded for the Lord to incarnate. By your grace He came As the Golden Volcano of divine love. O Champion of devotees, O compassionate Savior, By your grace we have been rescued From the ocean of misery By this […]

“Time Ploughs On Infinite Railways” by Hayagriva das ACBSP

Living consciousness ploughs on infinite railways Its traveler tediously moves towards ever vanishing horizons. The way stations spanning birth to death piles up along the treks The traveler can never make a permanent settlement along the way Due to the irresistible demands of the unknown destinations. His consciousness has developed affinity But being a lost […]

“I Pray That I May Be Of Some Service” by Sukhavaha dd

I pray that I may be of some service ……To You, My Lord, today. I pray that I may be of some service …… To You, My Lord, today. You are always the Potter I am just but Your clay. My Lord, You are The Source …… You are The Force Of all, so without […]

Seeing The Green Tomatoes

Focusing and unfocusing my eyes I see the green tomatoes I am to pick in the vines also green It’s subtle to say the least Like the wise hockey playing soccer playing blogging cow loving sage once said If you can’t see into the trees when you’re driving How can you see Krsna? He is […]

“Birth” by Devananda Pandit das

(Adapted from the 4Th chapter of Krishna book words and music by Devananda Pandit das.) Peace came from the east Success came from the west And the sky was riddled with a billion stars In villages and towns Through many miles around Signs of fortune offered their regards The forests and the waters Where dressed […]

Dream of Prabhupada

by Hayagriva das At last: He was initiating Bonnie Prince Charlie – of England – Was it second initiation? He would pat the disciple’s head The way he has sometimes There were long lines of people before Him to be initiated I was seated behind Prince Charles. He was #32 and I #33, I recall […]