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Bhajans Mon. Feb. 10 4 PM-temple

Hare Krsna! Join us for some enlivening Ekadasi Bhajans, Monday Feb. 10 afternoon @ 4.00 PM in the temple room. Bring all your friends!! Hari Hari!

Bhajans Friday Feb. 7 at 5:00 PM

Everyone is invited! BHAJANS FRIDAY FEB 7, 2014 5:00 PM GOPA’S HOUSE

Candra and The Fawn

By Gopish das As another manifestation of the temporary nature of this material world weighs heavily in the air, I’m reminded of the unlimited kindness of Krsna’s devotees. At lunch Prasad a couple of days ago, Jaya Govinda Prabhu was relating the story of Kala Krsnadas who was attracted away from Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu by […]

New Vrindavan Village Co-op Sundays 12 PM

New Vrindavan Village Co-op is a consensus based community gathering of individuals who are working towards a more self-sufficient life style. In line with two of the four pillars of Prabhupada’s vision for New Vrindavan, our focus is agriculture, horticulture, agroforestry, natural building, renewable resources, healing arts, crafts, living off the land with local economies […]

Protected Milk from a Rescued Dairy Cow for Sale by ISCOWP

ISCOWP recently rescued a beautiful Holstein Cow from going to the slaughterhouse. She is not even 4 years old and was going to be slaughtered because she could not get pregnant again. She is settled in now and is giving about 3 gallons of milk daily, much more than the ISCOWP crew can use. We […]

Remembering New Vrindaban’s Samba 1949 – circa 1991

Recently there was a picture of Samba on the Brijabasi Spirit Throwback Thursday.  Naturally it reminded me of him. What he will be best remembered for is that he was a trucker who hauled in much of the materials that manifest as what most devotees would now recognize as New Vrindaban. He took initiation from […]


by Sukhavaha dd I don’t usually go to movies but I heard from one devotee that Gravity had a deeper spiritual theme with subtle messages. I had the following realizations about how this movie portrayed aspects of our spiritual journey: On life’s journey, we think we are existing in life (space) to accomplish some feat. […]

Wanted: Contract Grower For Tomatoes

We are shifting the produce paradigm a bit for 2014. Rather than growing everything centrally, we are going to contract growers to provide some produce.  We will be listing vegetables and the amounts  needed and the cost that will be paid. As we use tons of tomatoes and plan on freezing sauce the need is […]

New Vrindaban Under Snow

See lots more photos here

Kudos to Bhakta Josef Prabhu: An Inspiration To Us All

Heroic Servant Pulls Krishna’s Swan Boat Through The Water After Motor Goes “Kaput”! by Gauranatraj das Hare Krishna, I am writing on behalf of the Congregational development team. Saturday June 22nd, we had the first swan boat festival of the of the season. All of us had given up hopes because of the weeds in […]


Inevitable loser in the Battle With The False Ego, with the scars to prove.