ECO-Vrindaban Board Meeting Minutes 04/04/2019

ECO-Vrindaban New Vrindaban ISKCON cows gardens Prabhupada ISKCON

ECO-Vrindaban Board Meeting Minutes 04/04/2019

Mission Statement: ECO-Vrindaban promotes cow protection, local agriculture, and above all, loving Krishna, as envisioned by Srila Prabhupada, ISKCON New Vrindaban’s Founder-Acharya.

Participating Directors: Chaitanya Mangala, Makara (chair), Olivia, Anuttama, Ranaka, and Vraja.

  1. Ranaka’s Monthly Report
  • Lalita Gopi (Temple Barn)
    • There are currently six cows who are giving 18 gal of milk daily: Jaya Radha, Usha, Surabhi, Subhadra, Lakshmi, and Anjali. (Jamuna is dry and preparing for retirement).
    • Parijata and Cintamani are due to calf in April.
    • There are three calves residing in the barn (Gaurangi, Jai Sri, and Puspavati).
    • There are also nine adult cows living in the barn
    • Anandavidya is making 30 lb of butter and 20 gal of yogurt weekly
    • He has also been emptying the temple compost bins into the manure pile with the tractor.
    • The Temple Barn is currently being painted
    • Temple devotees have begun holding go-puja outside the barn, near the calf pen
  • Ray (Farm Hand)
    • Moved hay to Temple Barn and Nandagram as needed.
    • Barn and equipment maintenance.
    • Removed leftover paver bricks and brush next to brick yard to clear area for proposed high tunnel site.
    • Continuing to pick up fencing material to help Caitanya Bhagavat with Nandagram fencing, as well as work on Valley Barn fencing with help from Ryan.
    • Cleaned up winter manure pile at Temple Barn and spread it on the Community Garden.
    • Disked Community Garden and Creek Bottom by Valley Barn
    • Picked up potato seed from co-op and cut to seeding size, and prepared potato planter for planting.
    • Finished upgrade on seed starting/transplant prep greenhouse.
  • Caitanya Bhagavat (Nandagram)
    • Major spring fencing for whole of Nandagram and now working on Bahulaban pastures
    • Assisted veterinarian with pregnancy checks
    • General cow care and geriatric care for Tulasi
  • Suchandra (Community & Teaching Gardens)
    • Groundcover laid at Vidya’s
    • Vidya started marigold seeds, cherry tomatoes, and some other plants
    • Vidya has a new helper, Angie, who recently moved to the community
    • Hand-tilled five beds at teaching garden. The rest will be done with the tiller.
    • Brought the remainder of the bulb plants for the year (hyacinth and amarilla) to temple
    • Made tomato cages and started planning where they will be placed in the Teaching Garden.
    • Made a list of supplies that need replacing and organized hoses for set up.
    • Started planning for planting at the Community and Teaching Gardens
    • Suchandra, Vidya, Ranaka, and Ray met with Kacey to go over high tunnel order and placement.
  • Ranaka (General Manager)
    • Working with Yoder’s on the high tunnel proposal
    • Two pregnant brown Swiss milk cows (Parijata and Cintamani) were purchased by the INV fundraising department
    • Total herd count stands at 63.

2. Internal Funding Request: $40K for High Tunnels

WHEREAS: ECO-V wishes to extend the growing season for its gardening efforts.

RESOLVED: The ECO-V board authorizes up to $40K for the purchase and installation of two high tunnels.

3. Internal Funding Request: $7K for ATV

WHEREAS: ECO-V wishes to maintain adequate vehicles for its farm related activities.

RESOLVED: The ECO-V board authorizes up to $7K for the purchase of a Honda Rancher ATV.

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