ECO-Vrindaban Board Meeting Minutes 06/03/2018

ECO-Vrindaban New Vrindaban ISKCON cows gardens Prabhupada

ECO-Vrindaban Board Meeting Minutes 06/03/2018

Mission Statement: ECO-Vrindaban promotes cow protection, local agriculture, and above all, loving Krishna, as envisioned by Srila Prabhupada, ISKCON New Vrindaban’s Founder-Acharya.

Participating Directors: Anuttama, Chaitanya Mangala (chair), Jamuna Jivani (board secretary), Makara, Olivia, and Ranaka.

Participating Advisors: Bhima, Jaya Krsna, Kalakantha, and Kripamaya.

1. 2019 50th Anniversary of Cow Protection in ISKCON

The Board and advisors reported the following as some of the ways the 50th anniversary of cow protection can be commemorated in 2019:

  • Publish a feature article in the January 2019 issue of Back to Godhead magazine
  • Hold the North American ISKCON Farm Conference in New Vrindaban
  • ECO-V organize a cow appreciation festival
  • IMCPA produce a publication about the 50th anniversary
  • Mukunda Swami will be release a book on cow protection

2. 2019 3rd North American ISKCON Farm Conference

Some directors would like to see a few well known personalities (both from within ISKCON as well as outside professionals) commit to participating in the 2019 North American ISKCON Farm Conference. In order to give ample notification for the event, a subcommittee consisting of Jamuna Jivani, Jaya Krsna, and Kalakantha was formed to identify possible dates that can be discussed at the IMCPA organizational meetings in DeLand, Florida later in June.

3. ECO-V Farming and Cow Protection Apprenticeship Program

Jamuna Jivani proposed the idea of ECO-V starting an apprenticeship program for devotees serious about getting trained in farming and cow protection. This opportunity would give participants the chance to acquire skills and experience, and potentially offer ECO-V a pool of candidates who could assist with the cows and gardens. A subcommittee consisting of Jamuna Jivani, Jaya Krsna, Olivia, and Ranaka was formed to further discuss the idea.

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