ECO-Vrindaban Board Meeting Minutes 03/19/2017

ECO-Vrindaban New Vrindaban ISKCON cows gardens Prabhupada

ECO-Vrindaban Board Meeting Minutes 03/19/2017

Mission Statement: ECO-Vrindaban promotes simple living, cow protection, engaging oxen, local agriculture, and above all, loving Krishna, as envisioned by Srila Prabhupada, the Founder-Acharya of ISKCON New Vrindaban.

Participating Directors: Chaitanya Mangala, Kripamaya, Ranaka, Sri Tulasi Manjari and Vraja

Participating Advisors: Devala, Jaya Krsna

Participating Managers: Nitaicandra

Recording Secretary: Jamuna Jivani

1. 2017 ISKCON North American Farm Conference Update

Sri Tulasi Manjari reported that the organizers discussed setting the schedule, creating an open-invitation policy to include the broader community of farmers, and promoting the event through flyers and a Facebook page.

2. Ranaka’s Monthly Report

  • The Temple Barn electric project has been completed.
  • Currently six cows are being milked, producing approximately 17 gallons per day.
  • Manjari was moved to the Temple Barn from the Valley Barn, due to her being scheduled to freshen the middle of April. Three young heifers are still residing at the Temple Barn.
  • Jatendra, a volunteer, has been helping with milking and barn activities for the last few weeks.
  • Ray finished working on the inside of the school. He still needs to build some more shelving and do some outside work on the building.
  • Shyama Gopal, a very old ox residing at Nandagram, recently left his body.
  • Ranaka has been communicating with Fil & Sukhayanti. Fil plans to participate in the on-site meetings.
  • He is helping with preparations for next week’s Joint Board Meetings.
  • He is working on finalizing ECO-V’s 2016 review with Rama Associates.

3. Nitaicandra’s Monthly Report

  • Nitaicandra will be back in New Vrindaban this coming week.
  • The Community Garden strawberry patch has been heavily mulched.
  • Syam Gopal the ox left his body.
  • A wind storm dropped some trees on the fence line in Nandagram.
  • Caitanya Bhagavat has been working on repairs.
  • Next week Nitai will start vegetable seedlings and pick up our potato seeds.

4. On-Site Board Meetings

The tentative weekend schedule:


Afternoon: ECO-V, INV and the Village Council members will meet at the Wellness Center from 3-6pm.

Dinner: With all three Boards, open to all


Morning: Department Head Presentations

Lunch break

Afternoon: Community Dialog

Dinner: With all three Boards, open to all


Morning: Meet with Fil and ECO-V advisor candidates. Walk the altered Rover Pipeline route at Madhuban and Vrindaban, see exterior wall and kitchen renovations at Prabhupada’s Palace, and visit the schoolhouse and Yogashala, if time permits.

Sunday Temple Program.

Afternoon: Service Appreciation Ceremony to honor Kelly Howard Carter, Tejomaya & Kelly, and Advaita & Madri.

5. ECO-V Website Update

Sri Tulasi Manjari reported that she spoke with Bhismadeva and discussed the design and graphics.

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