Village Association Liaison Selected

New Vrindaban - Sudha Krsna Prabhu

Dear devotees,­­­­

The Steering Committee is happy to announce it has selected Sudha Krsna prabhu as the liaison for the Village Association. The committee took this decision after publicly advertizing the position for 10 days, and after duly considering all submitted applications.

We hope this will be a first of many effective ways for your future elected representatives, the Village Council members, to hear your ideas and concerns, as well as for you to be regularly updated with relevant information.

Strengthening our community means to increase our communication and to discover ways to help each other.

What follows is a brief Bio of Sudha Krsna prabhu:

My name is Sudha Krishna das. Many devotees know me as “SD” or Sanatan Dharma das. I joined ISKCON in the summer of 1981 in Toronto, Canada and moved to New Vrndaban in the mid 1980’s where I served until the late 1990’s. In 1999, I received diksha from Srila Govinda Maharaja who has inspired my faith in Srila Prabhupada from the day I met him.

After leaving New Vrndaban with my former wife, Lila Avatar d.d., I attempted to be successful in business and relationships for close to 20 years. But after repeated failed attempts and having learned many valuable lessons, I contacted Jaya Murari Prabhu who reminded me of the importance of sadhu sanga, living in the holy tirtha, and taking only Krishna Prasdam.

I therefore recently came back in New Vrndaban with every intention of staying. I feel immensely grateful to be back and my foremost desire is to be of service to all devotees, past, present and future.

While away from New Vrndaban, I have acquired a decent amount of experience in the fields of human services, as a drug and alcohol counselor, in non-profit management, as a caregiver for the elderly suffering from dementia, and as a professional salesman.

Now back to New Vrindaban for less than two weeks, I have already been blessed with various opportunities for service. One that I am highly looking forward to is as a Village Association Liaison. I find it exciting and inspiring to be building bridges amongst community members and being instrumental at communicating with, and informing devotees without personal agenda.

I currently have been provided an office space in the Wellness Center where from I can speak with devotees confidentially.

I feel I can be a productive member of the community as well as a responsible and confidential Village Association Liaison. I look forward to connecting with all of you in the near future.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity,

Your servant,

Sudha Krsna das

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