ECO-Vrindaban Board Meeting Minutes 11/08/2015

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ECO-Vrindaban Board Meeting Minutes 11/08/2015

Mission Statement: ECO-Vrindaban promotes simple living, cow protection, engaging oxen, local agriculture, and above all, loving Krishna, as envisioned by Srila Prabhupada, the Founder-Acharya of ISKCON New Vrindaban.

Participating Directors: Anuttama, Chaitanya Mangala, Kripamaya, Madhava Gosh and Ranaka.

Participating Advisors: Jaya Krsna, Sri Tulasi Manjari, Radha-Krishna

Participating Managers: Mukunda, Nitaicandra

Recording secretary: Jamuna Jivani

1. Bahulaban Water Test Results

In May 2011 ECO-Vrindaban had a local water source tested at Bahulaban by an independent professional laboratory. This was done in anticipation of the Snyder gas well (that would soon be drilled on a neighboring property) and was meant to set a baseline for future testing.

In August 2015 ECO-V requested a second set of tests be performed by the same lab. The results were compared with those from 2011, which confirmed there has been no negative change in water quality.

ECO-V remains committed to monitoring water quality at Bahulaban (and other sources near possible future gas well sites) in order to inform people of any change in status.

To this end, in February 2014, ECO-V resolved:

“If requested by the legal owner of an affected property, ECO-Vrindaban shall ensure testing of any water supply within a thousand feet of well pads located on either ISKCON New Vrindaban or ECO-V managed properties, in accordance with a regimen prescribed by an industry expert.”

2. Mukunda’s Monthly Report

  • Bahulaban Barn. The restoration of the exterior is nearly completed by Vyasasan prabhu. It is expected to be finished in November.
  • Recycling Project. Mukunda contacted the County authorities connected with this. He plans to meet with them sometime in November.
  • Guest Lodge Outdoor Water Filling Station. Other construction steps that need to happen prior to installation are in progress. With winter upon us, it may be spring before this station is installed.
  • Soil Erosion Prevention Policy. Although an official policy has not been adopted yet, greater awareness of our earth moving responsibilities is manifesting. Recently, nice soil erosion prevention methods were used around the G7G, after the removal of the old pole barn.
  • Village Council Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is working with Jaya Krsna prabhu to identify discussion topics for the upcoming Community Dialog, scheduled on December 5th, 2015.

3. Nitaicandra’s Monthly Report

  • Oxen. Three of the oxen had to be banded due to the failure of their first castration. This will be resolved going forward by always including a veterinarian in the process.
  • Bahulaban Barn. Parts of the setup are not fully secure for large animals; smaller boards have to be replaced with larger and stronger ones.
  • Cows. The cows that summered at Bahulaban were moved to the Valley Barn for the winter. There are plans to send out a notice before the cows are moved back to Bahulaban in the spring to invite any who would like to participate in the walk.
  • Flowers Gardens. Nitaicandra met with Vidya and Gosh to discuss how ECO-V could assist them in growing flowers next year. From that Nitaicandra opened up a new flower bed at their house for marigolds. This last season the temple garden had some sort of disease that affected the marigolds. Next year there will only be test plots of the large marigolds in temple garden and G7G.
  • Deity Flowers. Nitaicandra met with Jaya Krsna and Abhinanda Prabhus to discuss flower types and quantities requested for next year. He will research the ability to grow the flower types desired.
  • Apple Harvest. Nitaicandra finished sorting the locally grown organic apples; some of which were used as part of the feast served at the 50th Anniversary Celebration in Butler PA.
  • Paw Paws. Nitaicandra checked on some local paw paw trees, researched pollination methods, and plans to pollinate the trees in the spring.
  • ECO-V Facebook Page. He started regular Facebook updates with action photos from the field. This is getting a strong response and seems to be increasing online interest in our activities.

4. ISKCON New Vrindaban and ECO-V On-Site Joint Board Meeting Weekend

The next on-site weekend will be December 4-6, 2015. Activities will begin after lunch Friday and conclude Sunday evening.

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