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Prabhupada’s Palace in New Vrindaban Confirmed as Smriti Samadhi

By Madhava Smullen As ISKCON’s 50th anniversary quickly approaches in 2016, and New Vrindaban’s 50th in 2018, long time members and residents are working to make sure that accurate histories of the past half century are available for future generations. Since the 1980s, some devotees in New Vrindaban have mistakenly claimed that Prabhupada’s Palace is […]

Govinda’s Groceries is the Newest Store to Serve New Vrindaban Village

By Madhava Smullen Govinda’s Groceries, recently opened next to Govinda’s Restaurant at the Palace Lodge and run by longtime residents Nityodita and his wife Radha Dasi, is the newest store to contribute to New Vrindaban’s growth as a village. It joins four others, each with their own specialties: The Palace Gift Shop near the entrance […]

New Vrindaban Recipes: A Village Built on Oat Water and Rice

By: Madhava Smullen Over the years, New Vrindaban has been famous for a long list of mouthwatering prasadam dishes – Hladini’s cinnamon rolls; Radhanath Swami’s sandesh; Madri, Dharmakala and Kutila’s cheesecake; Dharmakala’s baked goods and milk sweets; Taru and Amburish’s sweet rice; Vani’s dokla and idli, and many more. But first, no story about New […]

Thousands Expected For Another Blissful Janmastami at New Vrindaban

By Madhava Smullen   This year’s Janmastami festival at New Vrindaban, West Virginia on September 5th is expected to be packed with inspiring spiritual activities and sweet exchanges between residents and guests alike. “Under the steady leadership of our community president Jaya Krishna Prabhu, the quality of the festival has been improving every year,” says […]