ISKCON New Vrindaban President Jaya Krsna on Sabbatical

Jaya Krsna New Vrindaban ISKCON

Jaya Krsna Prabhu

Dear Residents and Well-Wishers of New Vrindaban,

Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

We are writing to inform you that Jaya Krsna prabhu is on a leave of absence from his role as ISKCON New Vrindaban President. As many of you are aware, Jaya Krsna became ill after his trip to India a few months ago and he has even been hospitalized since then. Although he’s under appropriate professional medical care he has not recovered as quickly as hoped. Thus, with our complete support, he decided to take some time off to rest and recover.

His well-needed and well-deserved break began on April 10th, 2015 and is expected to last for about three months. He plans to return to New Vrindaban, and his services, by mid-summer.

In the interim, Jaya Krsna prabhu entrusted a team of capable managers to continue in his absence. He will regularly communicate with them and offer his guidance while he is away. Also, our GBC representatives, Tamohara and Anuttama prabhus, will offer their support by visiting New Vrindaban several times over the next few months.

Please be assured that the Joint Board Members and GBCs fully support Jaya Krsna’s decision to take this leave and give proper attention to his health. We look forward to his full recovery. And, we humbly ask everyone to pray for Jaya Krsna’s health to improve soon so he can return with renewed strength and enthusiasm to continue serving in the New Vrindaban community for many years to come.

Thank you. Hare Krishna.

Your servants,

ISKCON New Vrindaban Board of Directors

Tamohara dasa, co-GBC

Dayavira dasa, Chair

Laxmi Honest dasi, Secretary

Ananga Manjari dasi

Chaitanya Mangala dasa

Gopisa dasa

Keval dasa

Ranaka dasa

ECO-V Board of Directors

Anuttama dasa, co-GBC

Bhima dasa, Chair

Jordanna Rock-Garden, Secretary

Chaitanya Mangala dasa

Kripamaya dasa

Madhava Gosh dasa

Radha-Krishna dasi, Advisor

Ranaka dasa

Sri Tulasi Manjari, Advisor



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