Gaura Purnima Celebration in New Vrindaban March 5, 2015

Everyone is invited to GAURA PURNIMA FESTIVAL in New Vrindaban.

Thursday March 5, 2015

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5:00 AM                 MANGAL  ARATI
5:30 AM                 NRSIMHA PRAYERS
5:45 AM                 TULASI PRAYERS
6:00 AM                 JAPA
7:30 AM                 GURU PUJA
8:00 AM                 GREETING THE DEITIES
8:20 AM                 SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM CLASS

11:00 AM              GOVARDHAN PARIKRAMA ( weather permitting)
1:00 PM                ARATI
1:30 PM                CLASS
2:15 PM                *Lunch  Prasadam (for those  who are not fasting)*

2:30 PM                GAURANGA BHAJANS
4:00 PM                Special Presentation by Sankirtan das:How & Why the Hare Krsna Mantra Came West

5:00 PM                ABHISHEKA ON THE ALTAR
7:00 PM                ARATI
7:40 PM                MAHA KIRTAN
8:00 PM                PRASADAM FEAST

Your preparations for the Lord are welcome.  Please bring them by 5:45 PM.     Thank you!

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