Special Sunday Feast in New Vrindaban: CD Release Party

Everyone is invited to a CD release party for the “New Vrindavan Mellows” CD.

Sunday March 1, 2015
1:30 PM- 2:00 PM (instead of Sunday feast lecture)

"New Vrindaban Mellows" CD Release

“New Vrindaban Mellows” CD Release

Sadaruci and Govardhan (British) prabhus have completed production of a CD called “New Vrindavan Mellows”.
It features a variety of local devotee musicians singing different bhajans and kirtans.
On Sunday, we will get a short preview of some of the songs by a few of the performers in the temple room for the pleasure of Their Lordships and the devotees.
The CD Producers are also sponsoring the Sunday Feast.

Sadaruci das

Krpamaya das
Thakur das
Jesse and Lilasuka dasi
Abhay das (mrdanga)

Sankirtan das

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