New Vrindaban’s Gopisa das’s Adventures on his Spiritual Retreat

This is a continuation of Gopisa das’s India Journal.  See DAYS 1 & 2 in this Brijabasi Spirit, Dec. 26, 2014.  The link follows.


Dearest family,

Day two was comprised of seminars, workshops and bhajans. Jaya Krsna and I went to the market in the afternoon for a cotton chadar (a gift for Abinanda to be brought back with the dust of Srimati Radharani’s temple), some fruit and a couple of spoons (ah, the little things). This was an amazing scene of cows, dogs, pigs and people all harmoniously roaming the streets in perfect synchronicity. We even saw one monkey which I understand is rare for Varsana. The residents greet us with “Jaya Radhe” or “Hare Krishna”. This is not a show put on for the starry eyed foreigners, it is their way of life. Even this morning we were awakened at 4 am by Radha Krishna bhajans over a loudspeaker. Throughout the town, the bhajans are playing over what appear to be a government owned sound system.

After 16 rounds today, I’m a little less apprehensive of the last day that is the 64 rounder. Sacinandana Swami and Bhurijana Prabhu are wonderful and encouraging guides. Tomorrow we are off on a field trip to Krsna Kunda where we will remain for 12 hours of bhajans. It should prove to be an exciting adventure.

Regarding time zones, we are 10 1/2 hours ahead of you. There is no WiFi here so all these emails will come at once when we reach Vrindavan. In the meantime, I’ll keep writing and saving them as drafts.

Love and Krsna to you all, g…SEE DAY 4 BELOW…..




Dearest family,

Today we took a field trip to Krsna Kunda for a 12 hour kirtan session. The monkeys there are numerous and playful, not aggressive little thieves like I hear they are in Vrindavan. We were in a spacious hall and the devotees that organized the event moved the floor padding and cover from the current temple room. You may find it interesting that the floor is completely covered with pads that are covered with a huge sewn white cotton sheet. It is expansive and easy to sit and dance on. Besides dressing Their Lordships every morning, there are also flower designs on the steps leading into the temple. Kalindi, you’d be in ecstasy seeing all the marigolds they have available.

Back to Krsna Kunda…on the way there I saw an incredible bird that was medium sized with a turquoise body and black head. Very striking! Also saw Srimati Radharani’s green parrots flying overhead in pairs and talking pastimes to each other.

The kirtan featured many wonderful voices both men and women. One mataji sang with such a sweet voice that I had to record a little bit of it. BB Govinda Swami was in attendance and his kirtans are exceptional. Although the holy dhama is covered by vast seas of garbage, it is none the less a mystical place with treasures hiding just beneath the surface. We have come back late, it’s now 11 pm and the morning program will be upon us soon.

Love and Krsna to you all, g



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