New Vrindaban’s Gopisa das discusses Rotis and Spirituality in the land of Bharatavarsha

Gopisa das recently went, for his first time, on a pilgrimage to India.  First, he traveled to Switzerland, and then on to India.

He wrote a daily journal back to his family, which he shared, below.


Dearest family,

Arrived in Delhi at 1am Sunday morning to an assault on the mind and senses that is hard to put into words. First impression was like walking into a Fellini film of gypsies with a mix of spirituality and subterfuge. There is a palpable air of wonder amidst the bustle of crushing third world humanity and mixed technology of BMWs and rattle-trap trucks with colorful paintings and hubcaps tied to the back. The air is thick and smoky with strange smells that are not necessarily displeasing but carry the awareness that one is not in Moundsville, WV any more.

We’re in the apartment of Kavita having just finished eating rohtis and cream cheese with herbal tea over discussions of identifying the self, giving up the false ego and anticipation of visiting Sri Bankey Bihari.

Coming from Switzerland with its immaculate towns, clean air and water and precision EVERYTHING, it is certainly an exercise in opposites. We leave tomorrow for Varsana and the first leg of our journey, the japa retreat. Till tomorrow!

Love and Krsna to you all!   g


Dearest family,

Today we took a taxi to Varsana. Now in the daylight the world is even more profound. Our tax driver spent as much time honking his horn as he did steering. We dodged everything from motorcycles and covered three wheeled people carriers to bullock carts, one elephant, the ever present trucks and Krsna’s cows that roam calmly through the streets, occasionally laying down in the medium amidst the traffic.

It is all so strange yet familiar. Somehow I feel very calm and undaunted by the filth and poverty. Everything is just as it should be. The insecurity of fathers, wives and children piled on a small motorcycle with no helmets, jousting with death, the electrical transformers close enough to the ground to electrocute the careless and women with machetes stripping branches to be bundled and carried on their heads for sale or fuel…all of it strikes a chord of destiny.

In the first evening of the japa retreat with Sacinandana Swami and Bhurijana Prabhu, we’ve begun our journey into the deeper realms of the Holy Names which are non-different than Krsna Himself. They challenge us with the prospect of revealing Their unlimited splendor of loving pastimes directly in our hearts if we will just call on Them with the kind of sincerity that begs reciprocity.

It is 9 pm, the accommodations are simple but adequate and I’m off to sleep with anticipation of the new day. May Srimati Radharani’s merciful glance watch over us and give us inspiration to call to Her beloved with heart deep prayers of japa.

Love and Krsna to you all! g


Gopisa das

Gopisa das

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