New Vrindaban’s Transcendental Throwback Thursday – 12/18/2014

New Vrindaban Throwback Thursday Madhava Gosh Vidya Wedding 1974

This week’s challenge: Who is this happy young couple?

Bonus challenge: What’s the celebration, where are they and what was the year?

What to do: Post your guesses on the “who, what, when, where & why” in the comment section at the New Vrindaban Facebook page.

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Reader Comments

Here’s the info we have:

Who (left to right): Vidya and Madhava Gosh.

What: Their wedding celebration.

Vidya and Madhava Gosh actually had three wedding ceremonies. The first was a flower exchange in December 1974 at the Bahulaban temple. The second was a legal marriage in March 1975, held at the court house. The third was later in 1975, a “public” observance for their family members who traveled from Wisconsin & North Dakota to participate.

This photo is from their third celebration.

Vidya recalled they didn’t have rings to exchange so Kuladri and Kutila lent them theirs (which were returned afterwards). Looking at the photo a viewer can see a ring on Gosh’s left hand. They also donated their wedding gifts to the temple. “Living in a small room above the barn, what would we realistically have done with a blender?” Vidya asked. She also remembered her father paid for the beautiful silk sari she’s wearing in the photo.

Madhava Gosh shared a story about their December flower exchange. He spent the morning at the Nandagram farm working in the forest. On his way back to the main farm it started to snow, which blanketed everything. As they pulled into Bahulaban Gosh turned to the person he was working with and said, “Well, it looks like the whole world is turning white today.”

This year they celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. Next time you see them, please offer your best wishes and congratulations.

When: 1975.

Where: Bahulaban Temple Room; New Vrindaban, West Virginia.