ECO-Vrindaban Board Meeting Minutes 10/26/2014

ECO-Vrindaban Logo

ECO-Vrindaban Board Meeting Minutes 10/26/2014

Mission Statement: ECO-Vrindaban promotes a simple, sustainable lifestyle centered on the care and protection of cows, local food production and the loving service of Lord Krishna, as envisioned by Srila Prabhupada, the Founder-Acharya of ISKCON New Vrindaban.

Participating Members of the ECO-V Board of Directors: Chaitanya Mangala, Navin Shyam, Kripamaya (partial), Madhava Gosh (partial), and Ranaka.

Advisors present: Jaya Krsna

Recording secretary: Navin Shyam

1. ECO-V logo revision

WHEREAS: The ECOV Board wishes to adopt a new logo that better reflects our mission statement.

RESOLVED: The Board adopts the logo attached to this meeting’s minutes.

2. Bahulaban Barn Renovations

Ranaka reported that the manure pit has been re-landscaped, and cow movement has been charted out. He indicated that providing housing in the upstairs should be discussed. The project is still set for December completion.

3. ISKCON New Vrindaban Bahulaban Utility Building Repair

Jaya Krsna met with Vyasasana, who has agreed to block one side of the building. Vyasasana also made another proposal regarding roof repair, which Jaya Krsna is discussing further with him before sharing with the joint boards.

4. Gopal’s Garden School Grant 2014-2015

The next newsletter should be forthcoming at the end of October. Ranaka will fill out a grant application for the 2014-2015 year, requesting $15K.

5. Onsite meeting

Will be held on November 1 and 2.


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