Welcome Ishaan & Balarama to the Herd

New Vrindaban Cows Mother Sita Son Ishaan 2014

Mother Sita & her son, Ishaan


On August 5, 2014, Mother Sita (daughter of Malati) gave birth to her first calf, a bull who was given the name Ishaan. Shortly after his birth Ishaan was blessed with the association of H.H. Radhanatha Swami. What an auspicious start to life! Ishaan was born with an under bite which is a perfect match for his rather goofy personality.

New Vrindaban Cows ECO-Vrindaban 2014

Ishaan’s super cute under bite to match his spunky personality

Ishaan is a rambunctious little fellow who is always ready to play. He could care less about the mood or size of his playmate, he will challenge anyone for a run around the pasture. He’s not playing around when it comes to drinking milk — so much so that he will try to extract milk from any object he can get his mouth on, be it animate or inanimate.

New Vrindaban Cows ECO-Vrindaban 2014

Ishaan blissfully absorbed in his favorite pastime

A favorite pastime of Ishaan is to suck on the collar of his Mother, in hopes of getting a different flavor of milk. So far his attempts have been unsuccessful in finding new sources of milk.

New Vrindaban Cows ECO-Vrindaban 2014

Ishaan(right), Balarama (left)


ISKCON New Vrindaban Cows ECO-Vrindaban 2014

Balarama in samadhi

On September 9, 2014, Mother Manjari gave birth to a white bull calf who was given the name Balaram. Balaram is a rather shy & peaceful guy. He spends his days peacefully resisting Ishan’s attempts to engage in frivolous activities. He’s too much of a sage to pass his days like that. Nonetheless, when it comes to milking time, he’s not shy to find his mom.

ISKCON New Vrindaban Cows ECO-Vrindaban 2014 Manjari, daughter of Tulasi, mom of Balarama

Manjari, daughter of Tulasi, mom of Balarama

Manjari is very much attached to Balaram & will call out for him throughout the day & night checking in on his welfare. While in pasture with Balaram, Manjari would call out for the rest of the herd to see what they were up to. Either with her son, or with the rest of the ladies, she always wants to be in the loop with what’s happening in both places.

Both Ishaan & Balaram are sons of Dharma, the resident bull in New Vrindaban. Everyone is invited & encouraged to come meet the latest additions to the herd during milking times at 7am or 6:30pm daily.

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