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Burning of Ravana at New Vrindaban

Everyone is invited this Sat. Oct. 4 to come to the  BURNING OF THE EVIL RAKSASA RAVANA! Here is the full schedule for this weekend: Program for SATURDAY Oct 4th 2014 5:00 am       Mangala Arati 5:45 am       Japa session- Introduction class 7:00 am      Milking the cows (at the Goshala) 7:30 am      Sringar Darshan […]

New Vrindaban’s Transcendental Throwback Thursday – 10/02/14

We received numerous requests to share more photos of the construction of buildings in and around New Vrindaban. So, here you go! This week’s challenge: Do you recognize this building (in its partially completed state) and what year was the photo taken? What to do: Post your guesses on the “who, what, when, where & why” in […]