New Vrindaban Celebrates Govardhan Puja Friday, October 24, 2014

Here is today’s ecstatic schedule for the Govardhan Puja Festivities.

Special request: If you are familiar with the English song “Vrindavan’s Such a Nice Place” please come to the singalong this evening at the 7:00 PM arotik.

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12:00 noon         Govardhan Parikrama- Meet in temple lobby

2:30 pm               Decorating Cows at Goshalla (behind garden)

5:00 pm               Abhishek

6:00 pm               Class by H. H. Varsana Maharaj

7:00 pm               Artika

7:30 pm               Group Singing of Govardhana Puja song

7:45 pm               Feast
ALSO:  If you have a small mountainous offering for the hill, please bring it to the temple room by 2:00 pm. Offerings for the altar please bring to the Pujari Room by 5:00 pm.

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