New Vrindaban Community Mentioned in the Back to Godhead Magazine – November 1973

New Vrindaban Back To Godhead 1973

BTG article clipping – November 1973.

SIX YEARS OLD and continuing to expand, New Vrindaban, the Hare Krishna movement’s model agricultural community dedicated to “plain living and high thinking,” now extends for some 1,000 acres in the hills of West Virginia. Although most of ISKCON’s centers are located in heavily populated cities, the Society has established this simple spiritual village to show that one need not depend upon factories, movies, department stores and night clubs for happiness; one may live peacefully and happily with little more than some land, cows and the association of devotees in a transcendental atmosphere of Krishna consciousness.

In New Vrindaban, everything idone to please Krishna. The devotees are building gardens and temples, tending the fields, milking the cows and making bread, cheese, butter and yogurt only to please the Lord. Thus New Vrindaban, like the original Vrindavan, Krishna’s own abode in the spiritual world, is a land of pure consciousness. Yet it is not an imaginary place; it is a practical, down-to-earth, working community, only 9 miles from Wheeling.

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