New Vrindaban’s Transcendental Throwback Thursday – 10/16/14

New Vrindaban Original Farmhouse horse drawn cart

With their backs to the camera, it’s difficult to see who the two devotees are. Same with the horses. Hopefully someone can ID them.

This week’s challenge: Where and when was this photo taken?

What to do: Post your guesses on the “who, what, when, where & why” in the comment section at the Brijabasi Spirit website.

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Reader Comments

Here’s the info we have:

Who: The exact names of the two devotees and two horses are unknown.

Advaitacarya thinks it could be Cirantana driving. He also thinks the white horse could either be Prince or Molly and the reddish horse Saivya.

What: Bringing supplies, via a horse driven cart, to the original New Vrindaban farmhouse.

In the early volumes of the Brijabasi Spirit newsletter there was a regularly occurring article called “Fields and Crops” which provided weekly updates on what was happening with the horses and their caretakers.

Regular team members: Advaitacarya, Madhava Gosh, Kasyapa (Varsana Swami), Adi Pati & Parmananda.

Horses: Molly, Prince, Saivya, Tom, John, Ranchor & Pat.

Here’s a quote from 11-10-1974 issue:

“Advaita took Prince and Molly to Vrindaban twice on supply runs and then spent the day hauling in their winter wood.”

Another quote from the 12-29-1974 issue:

“This week saw the horses constantly engaged as they hauled in logs for firewood at Bahulaban and Vrindaban and hauled more manure and haylage. They also took sand, cement, grain, haylage, cornlage and other supplies to Vrindaban.”

When: Circa 1973 to 1975.

Where: The dirt path leading to the original New Vrindaban Farm, New Vrindaban, West Virginia.