Prabhupada Outlines Daily Dairy Consumption for His Followers – New Vrindaban: June 24th, 1976

Prabhupada New Vrindaban Bahulaban 1976

Srila Prabhupada sits on his Vyasasana at the Bahulaban temple in New Vrindaban, June 1976.

Prabhupada: So everyone is getting milk? How much?

Kirtanananda: As much as they want.

Prabhupada: As much as they want, then jaundice (laughter). Too much is not good. They may take minimum half pound per head [daily].

Kirtanananda: Minimum.

Prabhupada: Minimum. And maximum one pound. Not more than that. But “Because there is enough, let us eat,” no. That is not good. But children must get at least one pound milk. If they drink more milk they become stout and strong.

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