New Vrindaban’s Transcendental Throwback Thursday – 10/09/14

New Vrindaban Throwback Thursday

This week’s challenge: Who is this Brijabasi, what is she doing & what year were these photos taken?

What to do: Post your guesses on the “who, what, when, where & why” in the comment section at the Brijabasi Spirit website.

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She is making butter.

Here’s the info we have:

Who: Viduttama devi dasi

What: Daily churning of cream into butter, using only dairy from New Vrindaban protected cows.

These photos, taken by Vishaka-devi dasi, were first published in the Back to Godhead magazine, January 1976.

Here’s the caption from the BTG article:

“Every day at four P.M., the cream from the day’s two milkings is churned into butter by Viduttama dasi. Inside the can, the rod she holds is attached to a round wooden disc with a sawtoothed edge. When the rod is moved up and down, the disc churns the cream into a rich, light-colored butter.”

Viduttama recalls:

“It was 1975, before I had Sudar [her eldest child]. Taru taught me the entire process. I must say when I heated up the water to clean the milk can I always had 2 extra gallons for my shower! Was that cheating?!?

One of the strangest things [for me] was that as a child my parents had our own cow (hence 7 kids) and my brother milked her daily. We pasteurized the milk, and my mother would churn the butter but best of all was the whipped cream. I do believe that’s why pineapple upside down cake has always been my favorite!”

When: Summer, 1975.

Where: Bahulaban barn, New Vrindaban, West Virginia.