Burning of Ravana at New Vrindaban

Everyone is invited this Sat. Oct. 4 to come to the  BURNING OF THE EVIL RAKSASA RAVANA!

Ravana, the 10 headed demon who tried to kill Lord Rama.

Ravana, the 10 headed demon who tried to kill Lord Rama.

Here is the full schedule for this weekend:

Program for

SATURDAY Oct 4th 2014

5:00 am       Mangala Arati
5:45 am       Japa session- Introduction class

7:00 am      Milking the cows (at the Goshala)

7:30 am      Sringar Darshan

7:40 am      Guru Puja

8:00 am      Srimad Bhagavatam Class:    Ramachandra katha

12:15 pm     Archana Arati

12:30 pm     Rajbhoga Arati Kirtan

1:00 pm      Bhagavad-Gita class

1:30 pm     Lunch Prasadam

4:30 pm      Uttana Arti Kirtan and    Bhagavad Gita Class

6:00 pm      Go – puja at the Goshala

7:00 pm      Gaura Arati

7:30 pm    A discussion on Lord Ramachantra Killing the bad element in Ravana

8:15 pm   BURNING RAVANA : Please assemble in front of the temple and we will walk with torches to the lake

9pm             Simple prasadam


Temple Program for

SUNDAY, Oct 5th 2014

 5:00 am       Mangala Arati

5:45 am       Japa session

7:00 am       Milking the cows at the Goshala

7:30 am       Sringar Darshan and Guru Puja

8:00 am       Srimad Bhagavatam Class

10:00 am    Govardhan Parikrama

12:45 pm   Archana Arati

1:00 pm      Rajbhoga Arati 

1:30 pm      Sunday Lecture

2:00 pm      Sunday Love Feast

4:30 pm       Arati

6:00 pm     Go-Puja at the goshala

Rama shoots a fiery arrow at Ravana.

Rama shoots a fiery arrow at Ravana.

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