New Facilities for the Cows

New Vrindaban Dharma, Bull Cow ECO-Vrindaban ISKCON

New Vrindaban dhambasi, Dharma, the Bull

Last month,  New Vrindaban cowherd: Ray built an outdoor facility for resident bull, Dharma. The previous facility proved to not be strong enough to contain Dharma as he had a history of break outs which have led to the impending welcoming of at least 5 new calves in the months to come. With the new outdoor facility Dharma will be able to sunbathe as often as he likes as opposed to being confined to his pen inside the big barn.

New Vrindaban ECO-Vrindaban Dharma's Bullpen

Dharma’s New Bullpen

Currently an addition is being added to the milking barn in order to provide a roomier loafing area for the milking cows & a nicer feeding isle set up. Vyasanana Prabhu (one of New Vrindaban’s expert carpenters) and Rafael (now known as Radhanatha Prabhu) as his assistant, have been diligently working on this project. The extension on the barn will allow the yard to stay drier (from the snow/rain) & provide the cows with an outdoor resting area that is separate from where they eat. These improvements will hopefully facilitate the cows staying as clean as possible in anticipation of the pilgrims braving the frigid winter weather to get their darshan.

New Vrindaban ECO-Vrindaban Temple Cow Barn

back side of the barn, shows loafing area in the calves pen

New Vrindaban ECO-Vrindaban Temple Cow Barn

new roof over the expanded feed isle.

New Vrindaban ECO-Vrindaban Temple Cow Barn

Front view of the improved feed isle / roof on the milking barn

Come by any day of the week at milking time (7am or 6pm) to see the updated facilities, as well as, Caitanya Bhagavat & crew’s freshly painted red fence surrounding the milking cows pasturing grounds.

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