New Vrindaban Celebrates Lord Balarama’s Appearance Day Aug. 10, 2014

Lord Balarama’s Appearance Day Festival

Everyone is invited to celebrate the auspicious Lord Balarama Appearance Day Festival on Sunday Aug. 10, 2014


4:30 PM          Bhajans
5:00 PM          Abhisheka
6:00 PM          Class
7:00 PM          Artika and Kirtan
7:45 PM          Feast


baby balarama

Balarama is a name of the Supreme Person, Who appears as Krishna’s brother. He is also in the category of God,   Krishna Himself is the origin of all other Personalities of Godhead.  Lord Balarama is the first expansion of Lord Krsna.

During Krishna’s childhood pastimes, Balarama also appears and plays like a human being with Krishna in the village of Vrindavan.

Whereas Krsna  always appears with a darkish complexion, like a bluish monsoon cloud, Balarama is always fair skinned.

Bhagavad Gita  states that when the earth was overburdened by demonic rulers who had amassed large military forces armed with deadly weapons to wage war for personal gain, Lord Brahma, the chief of the demigods in this universe, approached the shore of the ocean of milk. There, accompanied by Lord Siva and other celestial beings, he worshiped Lord Visnu, the supreme God of all gods. In response, Lord Visnu gave him instructions, which Lord Brahma in turn conveyed to the demigods. He told them that the Lord would soon appear on earth to diminish the burden of the world and that the demigods, to assist Him, should take birth in the Yadu dynasty. Lord Brahma further stated that Lord Balarama, who is also known as Sankarsana, would precede the Lord and serve Him in every respect:

sahasra-vadanah svarat
agrato bhavita devo
hareh priya-cikirsaya

“The foremost manifestation of Krsna is Sankarsana, who is known as Ananta.
He is the origin of all incarnations within this material world. Previous to
the appearance of Lord Krsna, this original Sankarsana will appear as
Baladeva, just to please the Supreme Lord Krsna in His transcendental
pastimes.” (SB 10.1.24)

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