A Special Exit from the World in New Vrindaban

Last Flight

By Lilasuka dasi

 A little brownish baby sparrow slowly hopped into the middle of the lobby of the Radha Vrindaban Candra temple, and just stood there, looking a bit lost.


It turns out she wasn’t lost at all, as Lord Krsna was apparently very much guiding her from within.

As it happened, Dasi, who was passing through the lobby during her busy day of serving the Lord, stopped short.  She couldn’t help but notice the little bird.  Dasi thought, “I wonder if this tiny sparrow is a friendly animal, or maybe she just needs help.”

She slowly kneeled down a few steps away, so as not to startle the little one, and gently held out her scarf for the bird to hop on.

Our feathered friend did just that!  The little sparrow walked right up onto her scarf as if she’d been waiting for the invitation!

Then the baby appeared to just fall asleep on the scarf.  After a few minutes she woke up again, and became alert, but didn’t try to fly away.

By this time, Dasi had taken the little sparrow to her office and set her in a basket lined with flower petals that had been offered to Srila Prabhupada that morning, next to her laptop, where she played some soft bhajans of her guru maharaj soothingly chanting Hare Krsna.

Fearing the worst, she sprinkled the resting bird with the Lord’s own caranamrita (bathing water).

After only a few short minutes, the sparrow quietly left her body, listening to the chanting of the Lord’s Holy Name!

Such is the mercy of the Lord, which often comes at unexpected times and in wonderful ways.


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