From the New Vrindaban Garden 6-16-14

New Vrindaban G7G

300 foot long terrace of tomatoes, marigolds, peppers, and basil


Over the past two weeks the garden has been transformed.  All of our early season crops and flowers have been planted.

A few new items include:

1000 Beauregard Sweet Potatoes

3 varieties of bush green beans

2 varieties of pole beans



a small field of giant golden amaranth


75 strawberries

50 new asparagus

We are also at the stage in which we are harvesting some of our earlier spring plantings.  This week we picked 3 bushels of spinach from the teaching garden.  There are many types of mixed greens and head lettuce we will be picking for this weekend. We have also picked  delicious sugar snap peas and beets. In the coming weeks we look forward to providing the temple and community with many types of fresh produce.

New Vrindaban Garden beans

Green beans mulched with hay in the Garden of Seven Gates

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