From the New Vrindaban Gardens: 5-13-14 Tomatoes & Apothecary Garden

New Vrindaban Teaching Garden New Fence

New fence being built.


This week was a busy one in the garden. The first of our summer crops was planted, tomatoes. We planted three varieties this week Sungolds (exceptionally sweet, bright tangerine-orange cherry tomatoes), Rutgers (The legendary Jersey tomato, introduced in 1934 great tasting both fresh and for cooking), and Hillbillies (large bi-color heirloom with red and yellow marbling. Large with a rich, sweet flavor. An heirloom believed to be from West Virginia). The tomatoes were planted on red tomato mulch. This red plastic is used for both tomatoes and peppers it allows for more light transferring and has show to increase yields up to 20%. It also decreases the number of nematodes which are harmful insects to tomato plants.

The Teaching Garden which this year is in it’s first phase of becoming a medicinal apothecary garden has been receiving a ton of TLC. Dr. Nick Tsacrios and his crew have been working on a beautiful new fence. Marty Wach has been taking the lead on the planting in the Apothecary Garden. Marty and his wife Delia write children’s book and she is an accomplished artist. Marty the Gardener has an amazing history with medicinal plants. In the early 1990’s Marty went to Suriname, South America, for business and by chance met a Maroon Medicine Man. This led to a trip into the rain forest and meetings with the chiefs of the four Maroon Indian Tribes to discuss their need to create trade and commerce with America. Marty suggested the creation of sustainable micro-businesses as a solution to creating new trade relationships. The projects included the search for new medicines, aviculture, butterfly farming, poison dart frog research and eco-tourism. Now many years later he is bringing his great ideas to New Vrindaban. This year the garden will have flowers, vegetables, and medicinal herbs. Beside the tool shed is a wonderful area that Marty hopes to hold educational gardening classes in the future. Until next week happy gardening to all……


New Vrindaban Marty Wach

Marty and his wife Delia holding an Apothecary garden meeting.

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