Invitation to Family Constellation Seminar May 2-4, 2014


Here are some testimonials about the Family Constellations Seminars and a reminder below:


“Family constellations is one of the most healing modalities that I have encountered. It effects change in a deep and profound way. Krsna Lila is a skilled facilitator who is both sensitive and compassionate. Her years of experience in psychology and counseling combined with her own personal self-inquiry really delivery a powerful seminar experience.”



“Sometimes there are hidden issues from our past, which block or impede our progress in our spiritual journey. Often times we have no idea of the origin. Family constellations is a method of connecting with our family ties and getting in touch with aspects of our life in order to heal past wounds and move forward.


I have found these processes to be both helpful for myself and to those that I counsel. I have gotten clarity about areas of my life that I was blind to understanding. I have seen others experience profound changes in their own behavior. And I have had the opportunity to become closer to the other participants in the Family Constellation, as we get to share important and special aspects of our lives in a very safe and protected environment.”




“I love it. One of the best things I’ve done in my life. The Family Constellation workshops help me tremendously to remove what’s in the way to become the person and the devotee I want to be, and live from the heart, not from the head. And heart is the realm of bhakti. I really appreciate the safe environment Krsna Lila creates, which fosters personal healing, learning, growth and loving bonds between devotees”.



Family Constellation 3 Day Special Seminar:  May 2 to May 4, 2014

Facilitated by Krsna Lila Devi aka Cristina Casanova, experienced certified trauma specialist, and school administrator at the Dept of Education, Counseling Psychology Dept.  in N.Y City for 33 years.


Another stimulating Family Constellation Seminar will be held in New Vrindaban on:

Friday,May 2nd: 3:00 PM-6:00 PM
Saturday,May 3rd: 10:30 AM-1:30 PM

                 3:00 PM-6:00 PM
Sunday,May 4th:   10:30 AM-1:30 PM

                          3:00 PM-6:00 PM
Place: Gopal’s Garden School Bldg

from Jaya Krsna das

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