From the New Vrindaban Gardens 4-21-2014 — Volunteers Welcome


New Vrindaban teaching garden 4-21-2014

James and Kacey working in the Apothecary Teaching Garden

Spring is in full swing this week in the gardens. The Apothecary Teaching Garden across from the temple is getting a beautiful make-over. Marty Wach a volunteer from Wheeling has designed the garden and already has 15 of the beds cultivated and ready for planting. The Apothecary Teaching Garden will be the home to many medicinal herbs, flowers both perennial and annual, as well has greens for the temple and restaurant. A new fence will also be installed in the next few weeks.

In the Garden of Seven Gates we are preparing beds for new asparagus plants and awaiting the first delicious shoots to break through the ground from the previous year’s plantings. Lots of spring clean up and weeding is being completed as well. Rhubarb will be planted this week along the fence line near the asparagus. Both plants are hardy perennial vegetables that grow well in our climate. The long term goal for the Garden of Seven Gates is to line the lower fence line with perennial vegetables. This will give us a ample spring vegetable harvest in a few years.

There are many volunteer opportunities in both of the gardens for either groups or individuals. On the weekends volunteers are welcome anytime during the day and we are also available through the week. My office is the first door on the right as you entire the far side of the temple (closest to the road). I am in the office each day from 9-9:30, if you would like to come later just come join us in the garden. I can also be contacted by email at Volunteer hours can also be tailored to individual interests such as: flowers, vegetables, greenhouse, landscaping, organic methods, agro-foresty, fruits, and many more. We are also open to groups coming to work and enjoy the gardens. May-July we will be planting regularly and can always use the extra help, no experience necessary. Robert Rodale once said, “The best crop of a garden, year after year, is hope.” We hope to see many new faces in the garden this season.

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