From the Garden — 3/31/14



This past week brought us quite the selection of early spring weather sun, rain, and even snow.  There is always such great anticipation for planting this time of year. The rule of thumb for working the soil is, “if the soil is wet enough that it easily clumps into a ball it is just too wet for tilling”.

While we patiently wait for the soil to dry we have been planting bushes and preparing our garden beds. A crew as been working on the foundation project around the temple getting it prepared for 9 types of mint and Clethra alnifolia, Summersweet, which blooms during the tourist season.  In the Garden of Seven Gates we are planting fragrant flowering bushes around the gates. This week will we will be prepping the asparagus which should bring us the first bounty of spring vegetables. Also, this week I will be seeding vegetables in the greenhouse including melons, tomatoes, peppers, and greens.  For anyone planning their own garden this year now is the time to start your transplants indoors.

On Sunday we had a new worker  his name is Jonathan Davis. He attends Wheeling Park High School and was raised on a farm here in Marshall County.  He will be working in the garden until the end of July when he is leaving to join the US Marines.

We are looking forward to a warm productive week in the gardens.    Below is a really neat idea for a spring bean house that is low cost, ideal for climbing vegetables like beans or peas, and would make a beautiful addition to any yard.

Kacey Orr


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