New Vrindaban Celebrates Gaura Purnima 2014

Gaura Purnima is coming up in less than two weeks and everyone is invited!

Lord Caitanya and His Sankirtan Party

Lord Caitanya and His Sankirtan Party

Here is the schedule, below, for the celebrations on Sunday March 16, 2014:

5:00 AM                 MANGAL  ARATI
5:30 AM                 NRSIMHA PRAYERS
5:45 AM                 TULASI PRAYERS
6:00 AM                 JAPA
7:30 AM                 GURU PUJA
8:20 AM                 SRIMAD BHAGAVATAM CLASS
11:00 AM               GOVARDHAN PARIKRAMA ( weather permitting)
1:00 PM                 ARATI
1:30 PM                 CLASS
2:15 PM                 Lunch  Prasadam (for those  who are not fasting)
5:00 PM                ABHISHEKA ON THE ALTAR
6:00 PM                 LECTURE
7:00 PM                ARATI
7:40 PM                 MAHA KIRTAN
8:00 PM                 PRASADAM FEAST

Your preparations for the Lord are welcome.  Please bring them by 5:45 PM to Sri Sri Radha Vrindaban Chandra’s pujari room.

If any second initiated devotees are interested in helping cook in the deity kitchen on Gaura Purnima day, please contact Abhinanda das either on facebook or email:

FB: Abhinanda Das               E-MAIL:

Much Gaura Purnima service is available, such as in the devotee kitchen (all morning), prasadam transfer (12:30 PM), cleaning the prasadam hall after the festival.

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