New Vrindaban Farm Report – BTG Magazine – Oct 1975

Back to Godhead - Volume 10, Number 10 - 1975

New Vrindaban Farm Report – Back To Godhead Magazine – October 1975.

Over the past eight years, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness has established fourteen successful farming communities in various parts of the world. As national economies founder and cities go bankrupt, ISKCON’s farms flourish and grow, proving that the Krishna consciousness movement is providing not only potent spiritual knowledge, but a viable alternative lifestyle as well. There’s full employment for everyone and natural prosperity when everything’s done for Lord Krishna.

New Vrindaban (Moundsville, W. Va.)—”While herding the beautiful bulls, the Lord, who was the reservoir of all opulence and fortune, used to blow His flute, and thus He enlivened His faithful followers, the cowherd boys.” (Bhag. 3.2.29)

This past summer was definitely bull season here. At Bahulaban, largest of New Vrindaban’s six farms, eleven of the seventeen new arrivals were bull calves.

Most of our bulls are used for ox teams because we don’t need so many for breeding. Right now our oxen program is in the rough stages, but what we have going is very promising. We’re working four teams regularly, and several others are being trained up. Many New Vrindaban residents enjoy watching the oxen as they haul the milk from the barn to the temple’s milk separator twice a day. The bulls are working better together all the time.

The medical program is also being improved to properly care for the increased number of calves. We examine each of them twice a day for any abnormality which might indicate sickness, and the sick ones get more complete treatment.

Milk production from the herd is soaring because there are so many “fresh” cows now. All told, the cows at Bahulaban are giving almost a thousand pounds of milk daily, and they’re still increasing!

For Lord Krishna’s birthday (Janmastami) we put the barn into excellent shape. Everyone who visited us for the holiday celebration was able to relish the purity and simplicity of Lord Krishna’s cow protection program. It’s easy to appreciate this wonderful service when we see so many milk preparations—sweets, curd, yogurt and cream—offered to the Deity of Krishna in the temple every day. When we satisfy the Supreme Lord, He satisfies us with His mercy.

Back to Godhead - Volume 10, Number 10 - 1975

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That black and white one must be Punya’s young lad…No wonder she kept mooing all night like that some time ago….Moms of grown sons are moms and they are still our sons….not some stranger’s object of envy or exploitation…Please thank these bulls’ mom….Moooo. Mata Subadra