Wanted: Contract Grower For Tomatoes

San Marzano

We are shifting the produce paradigm a bit for 2014.

Rather than growing everything centrally, we are going to contract
growers to provide some produce.  We will be listing vegetables and
the amounts  needed and the cost that will be paid.

As we use tons of tomatoes and plan on freezing sauce the need is open ended so pls advise if you want to grow for guaranteed price of $1.50 a pound for organic tomatoes.

We will specify  varieties but open to suggestion of other paste varieties, but not Roma.. We prefer San Marzano, an oblong indeterminate and Bellstar, a smaller early round determinate.  We can provide the seed.

We also will have T posts and frames to trellis tomatoes on available to borrow if needed. We can also provide ground to grow them on in the Garden of 7 Gates  if you need beds to grow them on.

We would need to know in advance how much you intend to grow so we can coordinate so we don’t get too many but we are open for a lot.

Please contact Madhava Gosh if you are interested.

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