Kudos to Bhakta Josef Prabhu: An Inspiration To Us All

NV Swan Boat

Heroic Servant Pulls Krishna’s Swan Boat Through The Water After Motor Goes “Kaput”!

by Gauranatraj das

Hare Krishna,

I am writing on behalf of the Congregational development team. Saturday June 22nd, we had the first swan boat festival of the of the season. All of us had given up hopes because of the weeds in the lake and the issues with the motor. But “Krishna” had other plans.

For almost 4 days the lake cleaning was going on but the amount of weeds had made it look as though this week it would be impossible to have the swan boat. We had a full house on the 22nd and a bus party eager to watch the swan boat. We also had someone sponsor it.

Finally we brought the dieties onto the boat and the boat started, somehow after a little hitches and stops it reached the other end where the guests and devotees lead by Parampara prabhu were ecstatically chanting. As the boat turned I noticed that there was one person behind the boat in the water and was moving along with the boat and he was none other than our hero “Josef” prabhu who was actually pulling the boat from the swan boat house to the ghat!!!!

Everyone was ecstatic, the sponsors were performing puja . I went up to Parampara prabhu and said , “Did you know, looks like our motor failed and Josef prabhu pulled the boat all the way by swimming in the water” as I said both me and Parampara pr had tears in our eyes. He then pulled the boat back all the way back to the swan boat house.

On the way back Jaya Krsna prabhu asked Josef prabhu “What happened” and Josef prabhu replied “Motor KAPUT!!!!” the motor was dead… and we had a human motor pushing the boat and the dieties. There are no words to describe this wonderful service by Josef prabhu.. He truly is the inspirational head of the congregation development team in New Vrindaban.

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