New Vrindaban’s Transcendental “Throwback Thursday” – 12/19/13

NV TBT 12-19-13

It’s time for New Vrindaban’s Transcendental Throwback Thursday!

Each week we highlight an earlier era in the history of ISKCON New Vrindaban and ask our readers to identify devotees in the photo.

This week there are ten people who can be named.

Extra credit if you spot the special “accessories” one of them is wearing.

Post your best guesses on the “who, what, when & where” in the comment section at the New Vrindaban Facebook Page.

Technical stuff: We post the photo Thursday and confirm known details Sunday.

Let’s have a bit of fun and see who knows their New Vrindaban history!

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Reader Comments

Follow up from this week’s “Throwback Thursday.”

With ten people in the photo it was a challenge to correctly identify them all.

Somehow Gaura Shakti was the first – and only – person to do it!

Gaura Shakti and Tulasi dasi get extra credit for spotting the clear plastic bags on Chaityashatru’s hands. These were the “special accessories” we mentioned.

Also, a special shout out to Pitambar dasi, who kindly shared the photo with everyone.

Here’s the info we have:

Who (left to right): Kasyapa (Varsana Swami), Marudeva (front), Mankumari dasi (rear), Bimbadhara, Karusa, Amburish (with mridunga), Kumara (with kartals), Tilakini dasi (front), Chaidyashatru (rear, with plastic bags for gloves) & Vidya dasi (with folded hands).

What: Harinam Sankirtan

Where: Bahulaban, New Vrindaban

When: Winter 1977 to 1979

Photographer unknown.

Thanks for participating. Let’s do it again next week!

Special Request: If you have a photo showing New Vrindaban devotees in action, from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s and ’00s, please share it with us privately and we’ll consider including it in a future posting.