New Vrindaban’s Transcendental “Throwback Thursday” – 12/05/13

Throwback Thursday is a weekly theme commemorating vintage moments.

We thought to have a little transcendental fun with this internet trend.

Each week we will post a photo and highlight a time from the early days of New Vrindaban.

Visit ISKCON New Vrindaban’s Facebook Page and take your best guess on the who, what, when & where by posting your responses in the comment section.

Let’s see who knows their New Vrindaban history.

Extra credit for anyone who can correctly name the cows as well!

Back to Godhead - Volume 11, Number 01 - 1976

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Reader Comments

The cowherd boys are from left to right Amburish, Madhava Gosh, and I don’t recognize the other two, but I think this was taken in the late 70’s before I got there.

Left to right: Ambarish dasa, Sarvasakshi, Cirantana, and Ambarishe’s brother, Ganendra dasa. The photo was taken around 1975. My husband, Amit Acara dasa was a cowherd boy also during that time.

A special shout out to Viduttama prabhu. She was the first to correctly identify all the devotees in the photo for last week’s THROWBACK THURSDAY.

Here’s the info we have:

Who (left to right): Amburish, Sarva Saksi, Cirantana, Ganendra
What: Hand milking cows
When: Summer 1975
Where: New Vrindaban Bahulaban barn

We haven’t been able to identify the names of the two cows.

Photo was taken by Vishaka-devi dasi and first published in a BTG article, January 1976.

Thanks to each of you who participated in the inauguration of our transcendental “Throwback Thursday.”

We”ll be doing it again next week and look forward to more fun and another lively discussion.

NOTE: If you have a photo showing New Vrindaban devotees in action, submit it to us via email and we’ll consider including it in future postings.