24 Hour Kirtan Countdown: New Vrindaban

The 24 Hour Kartik Kirtan will be here this Sat. Oct. 19, 2013!

Join us either on our New Vrindaban webcam or in person.

Here are some of the kirtaniyas scheduled (list not final):

Bhakti Vasudeva Swami, New Vrindaban Devotees Varsana Swami, Devananda Pandit, Ananda Vidya, Rupanuga, Rupa Manjari and others, plusAmala Kirtan Das, Ajamil Das, Uttam Bhakta Das,Sarvajaya Gauranga Das,Kishore (Mayapuries), Lilananda Das,  Bhakti Lata Devi Dasi, andJatin Bhandari.
It will be a rocking kirtan!  Everyone is invited.

Hare Krsna.

24 hr crowd.good.small

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