Water Shortage in New Vrindaban Solved

Fountain in the Palace Pond

Fountain in the Palace Pond

Krsna is in control. Many of our guests will remember the summer of 2012, when there were big electric storms in the New Vrindaban area, notably on the July 4 long weekend, and the electricity went down for a long time.  We were helpless to make things work more quickly. There was also a severe water shortage at this time in the Dhama, with drying wells and a damaged main water tank.  Many of our donors and pilgrims generously came to the aid of New Vrindaban by helping us repair the essential main water tank, and we send thanks to everyone for that.  We learned that Krsna, through His devoted well-wishers, has saved us, as He always does, from a similar fiasco re-occurring!

After much uncertainty, the final appearance of the public water line on the ridge allowed New Vrindaban to hook up the Palace of Gold to the local city water system.  Our main water tank (which is fed by our wells) also has city water hooked up as a back-up system. A new well has been drilled, which increases our own water production. The final approval to connect the new well from the government is currently on its way.

Gopisha das, the director of renovations and maintenance at New Vrindaban tells us,  “The main water line from the city terminates behind our temple apartment building #1. Should we ever have the need in the future, we are already set up to switch the entire temple complex over to city water, but will remain on our own wells for now..”

Gopisha das confirms, with relief, “With the repair and lining of the 90 thousand gallon main tank, the newly drilled well and the addition of city water as a back-up to our own system, we can hopefully put our festival water shortage days behind us.  Lord Krsna is very kind to His devotees.”

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