ISKCON New Vrindaban Board Meeting Minutes – 9/11/13


ISKCON New Vrindaban Board Meeting Minutes – 9/11/13

Vision Statement: Founded in 1968, Srila Prabhupada boldly envisions New Vrindaban as a sacred place known worldwide for Cow Protection, Self-Sufficiency, Holy Pilgrimage, Spiritual Education, and, above all, Loving Krishna.

Present: Jaya Krsna, Jamuna, Gopisa, Dayavira, Chaitanya Mangala & Ranaka.

Recording Secretary: Laxmi Honest

Gopisa reported on the utility building.  The project is moving forward with Moses and Dev Kumara agreeing to close it in.  The replacement of the roof would cost $60,000 plus, and that is beyond the available budget. Dayavira suggested that we use the $5,000 budget to patch it up and put it on hold. The subject will be brought up again at the next joint board meeting.

Gopisa gave an update on the Palace Stairs restoration.  Soma has agreed to do the stone setting work.  We need to write up a contract and order the granite.  There is a budget of $100,000 which Gopisa believes should be sufficient to purchase all the granite for the upper and bottom steps, repair the upper steps and put a roof on the old ghee factory (which will be used as work space during renovations).

Ranaka brought up annual funding for Gopal’s Garden School.  INV will determine the source of the funds for the academic year’s support at the next meeting.

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