ECO-Vrindaban Board Meeting Minutes 9-07-2013


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ECO-Vrindaban Board Meeting Minutes 907-2013

Mission Statement: ECOV (Earth, Cows, Opportunities & Vrindaban Villages) is dedicated to cow protection, sustainable agriculture, self-sufficiency and simple living — all centered around loving service to Sri Krishna, as envisioned by the ISKCON New Vrindaban Founder-Acharya, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

Participating Members of the ECOV Board of Directors:  Chaitanya Mangala, Krpamaya, Madhava Gosh, Navin Shyam and Ranaka.

Advisors present: Jaya Krsna

1. Prototype house at G7G

The Cabin roof was insulated this past week.  It still needs flooring, a window, solar panels, a water catchment system, and potentially a composting toilet.  Though it will not likely be fully ready for the October 5th opening, the ceremony will take place.

After hay harvesting is done, Tom and Ray will work on the cabin.

Although funding for the solar panels and floor pavers will come from other sources, more money is needed for labor and other aspects of the project.

WHEREAS: The ECOV Board wishes to complete the prototype cabin in the Garden of Seven Gates (“G7G”) as originally envisioned.

RESOLVED: The Board augments the project budget of the G7G prototype cabin by $3K.

2. Temple foundation plantings

Brikhasanga dug a trench, applied insulation and back filled on the temple building’s foundation.

3. Pine-tree trimming around Temple area

The project will begin after the foundation plantings are completed.

4.  Reduce/Reuse Initiative

Navin Shyam will resend the final version of the three posters to Krpamaya to print, laminate, and distribute to the various reusable metal water bottle vendors.

5. Gopal’s Garden School

As requested by ECOV, Ruci and Ranaka are developing a September issue of a school newsletter, focusing on Radhastami activities by the students.

6. Bahulaban barn demolition

This will begin in October after the combination barn closing ceremony and G7G Cabin opening celebration.

7. Bulk grain purchasing

WHEREAS: The ECOV Board wishes to help improve the self-sufficiency of the New Vrindaban community.

RESOLVED: The Board authorizes a line of credit to INV of up to $20K to make bulk grain purchases, to be stored in the bins that ECOV has previously purchased and set up. Precise terms of the arrangement will be worked out in a separate written agreement between Ranaka and a representative of INV management.

8. Budget for Valley Barn maintenance

WHEREAS: The ECOV Board wishes to provide adequate shelter for its cows as well as maintaining buildings in its care.

RESOLVED: The Board authorizes a budget of up to $10K  for repairing the roof of the valley barn.

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