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Results of the WVU “Branding” Survey for New Vrindaban   Aug. 2013

or What exactly is New Vrindaban’s image?

Cabin by the Lake

Cabin by the Serene Lake

In many conversations and letters, Srila Prabhupada lovingly explained the different aspects of his dream for New Vrindaban.  He told us that his vision was, of course, based first and foremost on developing our love for Krsna. Fixed on this solid foundation, he spoke of four other categories, one of which is New Vrindaban as a holy place of pilgrimage.

Following Prabhupada’s lead, we wanted to find the most efficient ways to present the community as a holy place of pilgrimage.  New Vrindaban engaged some students and professors on the West Virgina University  (Morgantown, WV) community design team for different projects during the master planning in 2012, one of which was this branding survey.  Some pleasantly surprising results came out of their project.

The survey covered two main topics in detail, namely how the members of New Vrindaban see themselves, and how pilgrims and visitors see New Vrindaban.

The goal of the survey was to identify the main elements of the community brand and then to verify if the brand was consistent with both the community’s internal identity and the image from outsiders.  It turned out that the three main structures in New Vrindaban found to be most important to both residents and guests are: Palace of Gold,   the Temple, and the Deities (statues) in the temple.

Prabhupada's Palace beautiful Rose Garden

Prabhupada’s Palace beautiful Rose Garden

The things that people valued most about New Vrindaban was that it was a very spiritual place, with a peaceful atmosphere amidst scenic beauty.  Curiosity was another thing that makes people visit.

It was happily noted overall that the survey-takers found the devotees to be hospitable and that the devotion and the spiritual atmosphere are priorities in people’s eyes.

A vast majority of people heard about the community through word of mouth. It was very favorable to note that more than 80% of the pilgrims want to visit again, plus they want to recommend New Vrindaban to their friends.

There are certain challenges that the community could improve on, such as the sanitation of the facilities, road signage and directions.

Some words that people used to describe New Vrindaban are  “spiritual”,” simple living”, “hospitable”, “peaceful”, and “beautiful”.

The survey was headed by Professor Kudzayi Maumbe, Ph.D.,  of the dept. of  Recreation, Parks & Tourism Resources , WVU.

We learned from this branding survey that a popular opinion is that New Vrindaban is a peaceful and spiritual place of pilgrimage where plain living and high thinking are emphasized.  The community will strive to strengthen the areas that need improvement.

In front of the temple

In front of the temple

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