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Srila Prabhupada Shares His Vision for New Vrindaban in a Letter – June 14th, 1968

  From a series of letters written by Srila Prabhupada outlining his vision for New Vrindaban. Thanks to Vanipedia for the source material. —————————————————————— June 14th, 1968. My Dear Hayagriva, Please accept my blessings. I was just expecting your letter since I have come here from Boston. I have already informed you about my successful program in Boston, […]

Balarama’s Appearance Day Festival Tues. Aug. 20, 2013

On this most Auspicious Occasion, Everyone is encouraged to prepare some special loving preparations that you’d like tomake as an offering to Lord Balarama on His Appearance Day. Our goal is to offer at least a total of 56 wonderful preparations at His special evening offering. This rare opportunity is especially meaningful to all those who are partial […]

Srila Prabhupada at the Barn in New Vrindaban

There will be a barn closure ceremony on Sat. Oct. 5 at New Vrindaban. Join us!

ECOV: A Dynamic Solution to a Modern Dilemma

ECOV: A Dynamic Solution to a Modern Dilemma By Madhava Smullen The world—and the USA in particular—seems determined to murder as many cows as possible. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, 35 million of the mild-mannered creatures were slaughtered in 2010 in the USA alone—that’s over 95,000 cows killed a day and nearly […]

Shyamala Kishori Leads During New Vrindaban’s 24 Hour Kirtan – June 15th, 2013

Video of Shyamala Kishori Dasi leading during New Vrindaban’s 24 Hour Kirtan – June 15th, 2013. Thanks to Bhakta Vatsala Dasa for posting on Youtube.

Water Line Fixed at New Vrindaban Lodge

Summer in New Vrindaban is going very well. The newly renovated lodge is full on many weekends.  The new welcome center is buzzing with pilgrims and visitors. So, all is well in the holy dhama. At the same time, in this material world, we all know that Krishna often tests His devotees in different ways. […]

“Modest Elegance”- An Interview with New Vrindaban’s Varsana Swami

“Modest Elegance” – An Interview with Varsana Maharaj INTERVIEWER: Please describe your project to us, Maharaj. VARSANA M: Our Govardhana Hill project, featuring Radha Kunda and Syama Kunda as central landscape features, Radha Gopinath as the resident deity, and Their temple as the prime focus, derives inspiration and direction from a consistent thread interwoven through […]

New Vrindaban: The Spiritual Frontier – BTG Article June 1974

New Vrindaban: The Spiritual Frontier  Back To Godhead Article – June 1974 By Vishaka devi dasi By His inconceivable potency, the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna appeared 5,000 years ago as a cowherd boy in the village of Vrindavan, India. The devotees of the Hare Krishna movement, therefore, who have established a 1,000 acre Krishna conscious […]

Hari Sauri Recalls Srila Prabhupada Reuniting with Kaliya, New Vrindaban’s First Cow – June 28th, 1976

Hari Sauri Recalls Srila Prabhupada Reuniting with Kaliya, New Vrindaban’s First Cow. Hari Sauri’s diary: New Vrindaban, West Virginia 06-28-1976 This morning Kirtanananda Maharaja arrived in his pickup to drive Srila Prabhupada up to the original New Vrindaban farm where the community first started. Srila Prabhupada sat in the cab while devotees scrambled up into […]

Memorial for Vahna; Letter to Vahna From Prabhupada; A Remembrance

MEMORIAL FOR VAHNA DAS   When: August 16, 2013 Time: 6PM Place: The island between parking lots at Radha VrndavanaCandra Temple ( weather permitting…otherwise there will be signs around the temple indicating where it will be ) PLEASE NOTE: There will be prasadam after the memorial. We are making a few basic preps, but this […]