The Real “Brijbasi Spirit” – a class in New Vrindaban

by Lilasuka dasi

His Holiness Varsana Maharaj gave the early morning Srimad Bhagavatam class today, Janmastami, the Appearance Day of Lord Krsna.

Varsana Swami

Varsana Swami

Someone asked him, “Maharaj, what is the true meaning of “brijbasi spirit?”  His reply was, “the essence of the brijbasi spirit is loving relationships. Brijbasis live in the land of Braja, of course, thus the name “Brijbasi”.  However, it is not that we revere a specific tract of land as the “dhama” or holy place of pilgrimage. Rather, the dhama is more accurately a container, just like a vase, which holds “rasa”. “Rasa” is the synergy of all past, present and even future sweet relationships between the devotees and the Lord. The bottom line is that the spiritual master can make any place a holy dhama. It is, in fact, not the land itself, but the presence of the holy person that makes a place a dhama.”

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