Journey to Goloka Vrindavan right in New Vrindaban

“Journey to Goloka Vrindavana”

by Sachimata Prins

On Sat. evening, July 27th 2013, New Vrindaban had its 3rd annual Pushpa Abhishek, Flower Bathing Ceremony for the Deities, Sri Sri Radha Vrindaban Candra.  I was very fortunate to be present this time around, and was eager to participate in the transcendental occasion.

Sri-Sri Radha Vrindavan Chandra looked stunning in a beautiful, embroidered, very colorful outfit on a gorgeously decorated altar.  Everyone waited in anticipation.  This Pushpa Abhisek tradition originated in India, and is now catching on in ISKCON temples around the globe.

No one quite knew if the flower petals would drop from the spiritual sky, from the ceiling overhanging the altar, or from the hands of the gopis themselves onto the Divine Couple.  It turned out that our own resident gopis,  Vani, and Harinam dasis, had the blessed opportunity to delightfully drop the flower petals gently on Sri-Sri Radha Vrindavan Chandra.

I must say the array of colorful flowers that they used were magnificent.

The gopis were standing behind their Lordships, dropping the petals gracefully in unison on the heads of Radha and Krishna.
This was definitely one of the most awesome events I have ever attended at the temple.  As I chanted along with the kirtan and watched the delightful offering, unexpected tears of joy began to flow from my eyes.  That’s about as close as I ever got to ecstatic symptoms!  The kirtan went on and on, first led by H.G.Parampara das, and then taken over by Syamala dasi.

In India, they allow the flower petals to accumulate until only Their Lordships’ faces are left visible, creating a magnificent darsan! Only the petals near the Deities’ eyes are cleared away. Some of us hope that, next year, in order to increase everyone’s ecstasy, none of the flowers are whisked away by the enthusiastic pujari, but rather that all the flowers are left piled up right where they fall, until the very end of the offering!Haribol!

Afterwards, the pujaris gathered the offered flower petals and started throwing them out to the crowds of eager devotees, where a playful flower fight took place throughout the temple room.  Everyone became intoxicated, tossing the offered petals.

What great transcendental fun! I seriously felt like I was playing with Radha’s gopis and gopas in Goloka Vrindavana.

This incredible festival takes place only once a year, so be sure to look for it when it is advertised next summer.  It is a festival not to be missed.
Thanks to all the wonderful New Vrindaban devotees for preparing the flowers and the altar.  And to the cooks for preparing the tasty prasadam, most notably the delicious laddus that were served afterwards.  Thanks also to the management for hosting this great event.  Hope to see you next year.

Hare Krishna,

Your servant,
Sachimata dd

Transcendental Close Up

Transcendental Close Up

Piles of Petals

Piles of Petals


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