ISKCON New Vrindaban Board Meeting Minutes – June 13, 2013

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ISKCON New Vrindaban Board Meeting Minutes – 6/13/13

Participating Board Members: Dayavira, Chaitanya Mangala, Jaya Krsna, Ranaka & Tamohara.

1. Increase Transparency

It was discussed and approved that we begin publishing the minutes of the monthly board meetings.

2. Community Investment Fund

The report on the Community Investment Fund (CIF) was explained. The balance of the CIF account will be $17,863.37 if all project budgets are completely used. The reconciled balance of the CIF account on 5/31/13 was $85,686. The different CIF projects are in line with their respective budgets, except the restaurant, which is over budget by $28,366. The amount will be paid back from the operational account sometime in August or September.

3. Jaga Account

The Jaga account reconciled amount is $119,229; the available balance is $79,549. The Jaga funds are dedicated to create housing in New Vrindaban; this is done either through acquisition of new properties or to improve the general infrastructure. Some of the projects currently financed through the funds are the Temple area water supply, the road to Kestners, the set up generators for the temple and the lodge. Projects are in line with the budgets, except the water project which is over budget by $11,652.

4. Bahulaban Pink Building Demolition & Securing the Utility Building

The budget for the demolition of the pink building is in total $30,000. ECOV is donating half of the amount and providing a loan to INV for the other half. ECOV also decided to donate $5,000 to secure the Utility Building at Bahulaban. Madhava Gosh had a quote for a new metal roof on the pink building for $20,000. The combined amount of $35,000 should cover the costs for the demolition as well as the other measures to secure the Utility Building.

5. Improving Community Spirit

Chaitanya Mangala Prabhu listed three topics for discussion.

a. Individual counseling by a devotee counselor from outside NV.
b. Group counseling for community members about past events & experiences.
c. Professional interpersonal communications training.

Jaya Krsna Prabhu mentioned that he is waiting for a proposal from Vrajalila Prabhu for counseling sessions in New Vrindaban. Sukhavaha Prabhu had done a number of good mediations last year. She was so far not active this year.

Jaya Krsna informed the board members that he is organizing family and organizational constellations with Krsna Lila devi dasi from New York. She is respected for her service all over the world. A number of senior community members joined for the recent seminars. It can be easily detected that the devotees participating are making substantial progress.

Jaya Krsna mentioned that he is organizing his schedule so he can spend more time focusing on devotee care and community building.

6. Succession 

During the Community Dialog in April Sankirtan Prabhu mentioned three prerequisites to attract new community members: housing, income, schools.

Along these lines it was mentioned that NV needs new apartments & town houses; we have to create income opportunities for grhastas and develop high school level education.

To attract new temple devotees, additional accommodations for support staff are needed. It will allow a clearer separation between devotees following strictly the temple program and the staff who are engaged in various services but not ready to follow a temple standard.

The department heads need additional training in their day-to-day service as well as in developing successors within their staff. Jaya Krsna is actively inviting devotees from all over the world to assure succession for the temple and community.

7. Service & Employment Structure

Points discussed:

– Develop a clear structure outlining which occupations are volunteer service and which may be paid.

– Needs of devotees/staff to stay long term in New Vrindaban.

– Clarification is needed to separate devotional and organizational relationships.

– Members of the Board sees this as an important topic that should continue to be discussed again in the near future.

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