20th Anniversary of the First New Vrindaban Gurukuli Reunion

New Vrindaban Gurukuli Reunion, 1993.

New Vrindaban Gurukuli Reunion, 1993.

It was twenty years ago that the first Gurukuli Reunion was celebrated in New Vrindaban. This was an annual event that brought together second generation devotees who had grown up in and around ISKCON. Between 1993 and 2000 there were eight New Vrindaban Gurukuli Reunions.

2006 marked the inaugural Kulimela festival, held in New Vrindaban. In Sanskrit, “Kuli Mela” is “A Celebration of Community,” with an aim to inspire and empower a global tribe connected by shared experiences in loving service, Bhakti Yoga. This was a natural evolution of the Gurukuli Reunions, meant as a way for the participants to network and showcase their talents as well as to give focus and attention to the up and coming third generation.

Since then there have been 10 Kulimela events across the globe, in as diverse places as Radhadesh (Belgium), Moscow and Tomsk (Russia), New Mayapur (France), New Govardhan (Australia), New Varshana (New Zealand), New Raman Reti (Alachua, FL) & New Dwarka (Los Angeles, CA).

The 2013 festival will be held the first week of August at the Simhachalam Farm in Germany.

Plans are underway to bring this event back to New Vrindaban over the summer of 2015 and we are eager to see its return!

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